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Job Title          
Probation Officer
Job Title Note   Will County Court Services Department, currently filling Adult, Juvenile, and Pretrial positions.
Job Summary  

Responsible for the supervisory and investigative activities necessary for the supervision of offenders sentenced to terms of probation, or other offenders as ordered by the court through the Probation Division of Court Services.

Minimum Qualifications   

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, preferably with major course work in criminal justice, psychology, sociology, social work, or the related social sciences. Good oral and written communication skills. Possess a valid driver’s license and possess and able to drive a motor vehicle. 

Salary Range   $40,922.00 per year
Apply To  

Mail or hand deliver to:

Will County Court Services Department
Attn: Human Resources
57 N. Ottawa Street, 3rd Floor
Joliet, Illinois 60432

Will County Court Services: Application Instructions

The Twelfth Judicial Circuit is an equal opportunity employer. 

For Will County Court Services Officer (Adult and Juvenile Probation Officer, and Juvenile Detention Officer), applicants must:

  1. Complete a four-year degree (BA, BS, BBS, BSW, etc.) from an accredited college or university prior to application
  2. Complete an Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) Application, and be on the AOIC Certified list prior to hiring (see link below).
  3. Be a U.S. citizen
  4. Reside in the State of Illinois within six months of hiring

Apply Online to be on the AOIC Certified List

AOIC Application

How to Apply for a Will County Court Services Officer position:

Please submit the following:

  1. Letter of interest
  2. Current resume
  3. Copy of your official college transcripts from institutions where you were enrolled
  4. Three (3) letters of recommendation.  It is advisable that letters of recommendation be authored by individuals who are familiar with your employment record or academic performance.  Letters of recommendation must not be older than a year from your date of application. 
  5. Will County Court Services Application (click to print)

Any materials that may have been submitted on a previous application must be submitted again and in accordance with applicable time limitations and deadlines. The submission of any, or all, of the above materials does not guarantee employment or the offer of an interview.  In addition, all requested materials must be included in one submission.  Failure to do so may result in the disqualification of your application.

Questions regarding the application process can be directed to:  Will County Court Services (815) 727-8446

Apply by  

Open Until Filled 

Disclaimer   *Completed Will County Court Services Application, resume with cover letter may be submitted by mail or hand delivered. Only interviewed applicants will be notified of the selection process. Equal Opportunity Employer


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